Monday, July 2, 2012

7/1/2012 - Decided to try a 'green' weed killer...distilled white vinegar. If this trial test works I will do another area and post photos so you can see how it worked.

Sprayed on an application of undiluted white vinegar at 5:40pm. Temperature was in the upper 80's. Sprayed weeds in cracks of driveway apron and also a small area in the gravel parking spot. Will see what it looks like tomorrow.

7/2/2012 noticeable change in the health of the weeds that got sprayed. Might try it one more time tonight.

It is 7:00pm (92F) and one more time I sprayed all areas that got the treatment last night.

I don't know if the sun and heat  baked the weeds or if the vinegar is working. Several places I found dry, brittle weeds. Unfortunately, there were just as many that still looked green and supple.

Maybe we just have super tough weeds. So I am giving this treatment more time.

I really want this to work...I despise using chemicals and we have far too much property for me to use the dig and pull method.

7/3 - I noticed the weeds were definitely withering and drying up. So now I need to experiment on another section to see if the vinegar is really working as a 'green' weed killer.
The question still in my mind "Is it the vinegar alone, the hot weather (it has been in the 90's for several days now), or a combination of both?"

More to come...

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