Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Memory Calendar from index cards

Step 1: Cut 183 index cards (3” x 5”) in half. You can use all white, primary colors, or have fun and use neon colors!
Step 2: Write month/day on upper right corner of each card; complete one full year. Also write current year on the first line (left side of card).

Step3: Choose a fun container (about 5” x 4” x 2.5”) and stiff print cardboard for dividers (I used a dollar store package of gift card envelopes and cut them to size – 2 per envelope).
Step 4: The project is complete. Now you can add one small snippet per day of something you want to remember. As you start the second year, these tidbits pop up each day and remind you of little things from yesteryear! (I decided to use the back of the card to record some historical event – i.e.: Whitney Houston’s death.)


  1. Clever idea Lonnie. Glad to see you starting a blog. I have fun with my 3, come visit me.

  2. Pinterest project Sandy.
    I am pretty sure my blog will be overflowing with them...pending retirement.